Small Business


Key Learning Goals

Learn what to watch-out when conducting initial information gathering, credit proposal and documentation preparation, credit facility disbursement and monitoring.

 Learn the key risk areas and the appropriate risk mitigation methods when lending to small and medium size companies.

 Learn how the internal and external environments of small and medium size companies uniquely affect their capability and willingness to honor their financial obligations.

Key Learning Outcomes

> Learn how the economic and industry conditions as well as government regulations affect the willingness and capability to pay of small and medium size companies.

> Learn why the owner of a company, its management and size of operation have significant influence on the willingness and capability to pay of small and medium size companies.

> Learn what to watch-out during the process of information gathering, proposal preparation, documentation, disbursement and monitoring of credit facility for small and medium size companies.

> Learn to identify key risk areas and develop appropriate mitigation methods when providing credit facilities to small and medium size companies.

> Get individual attention and support by experienced facilitator throughout the workshop.

> Get over 40 pages of course documentation, case studies and solutions to the course exercises and case studies.


Who should attend?

Small Business Lending workshop is an intensive and hands-on 1-day training program.

It has been designed for those who need to know or refresh their knowledge about the unique risks and the appropriate methods to mitigate them when providing credit facility to small and medium size companies.

The course is perfect for anyone who wishes to receive personalized, expert coaching in learning the challenges as lending officer to small and medium size companies.

Past participants of this workshop included bank’s Area Managers, Branch Managers, Relationship Managers, Credit Analyst, Risk Managers, Legal Officers and Credit Administration Officers. Other bank officers who are not directly involved in a bank’s lending process will also benefit from this course, by being able to identify potential risks that may occur during the process of credit initiation, documentation, disbursement, monitoring and collection.

Qualitative Analysis

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